Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby pictures

A hamburger to die for.

Who's got the most sexy body paint?

Please, please, please don't drop me!

I couldn't hold it, so what.

It's been more than one hour but I still haven't fixed it!

When I'm older next year, I'm gonna get my other arm done.

Puppies are not supposed to be eaten raw.

This one's gonna be a ballerina, a gymnast, or an acrobat for sure.

Little baby's still figuring out the difference between them.

At this age, anything tastes good.

See, I can bend back!

It's not nice to be young and cute and overpinched.

Hard, soft, tables, beds. For this sleepy baby, everything's the same.

Baby thinks: Oh God, my bladder's full. I hope he won't drop me for this!

Now just add the water, boil, and voila - delicious baby lobster!

This baby loves her catty pillow.

I'm still learning how to kiss with my mouth closed.

Thank God this brat won't become the next queen of England!

Pissing takes practice. See, no spills!

Baby kisses are the sweetest. Even dirty, smelly piggy is no exemption.

It's never too early to start.

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