Thursday, December 4, 2008

I got bribed - again!

As the program assistant of the organization I work for, one of my many tasks is helping out with the knowledge products - books, CDs, reports, and so on. I update inventories, proofread, write summaries, work with the layout artist - things like that. Recently I've been busy calling up printing presses and canvassing for prices. This is in preparation for the publication of the Selected Khutba, a compilation of Friday sermons in Islam. (Right now, the writers are still wrapping up the translations from English into Yakan, Tausug, Maguindanaon, and Sama.)

This Tuesday I got a call from Tesoros asking me, "Kamusta na ang inyong ipaprint? Nakadecide na ba mo?" I said not yet we'll probably discuss the quotations next week since I am going to be  joining a three-day facilitative leadership workshop in Marco Polo. The Tesoros guy then told me that the quotation he faxed me still has 10% off. Me: "Oh really? Can you then please then fax me a new quotation and indicate your final price?" He: "Parehas ra ang price pero atong i-hide lang ang 10%. Bale, imoha na na." 

Blatant corruption! 

I didn't know how what to say. I felt a wave of shame - for his daring to bribe me. (It was the same feeling I felt with the ticket guy on the bus.)

But stupid me, all I could retort was: "But that's not right! I'm sorry, pero dili ko corrupt." So lame of me. I should have given him a piece of my mind. 

I should have asked him: Do you hate Gloria? 

If he says NO, then i'd say: It's not surprising, you are just like her. 

If he says YES, then i'd say: Watch out, you are turning into her. 

The next time I get bribed, I'm going to start a debate and won't let go until I've put some shame in the briber's heart.

Food for thought: Tell me, what kind of society will we be if almost everybody thinks there's nothing wrong with accepting bribes like this? 

Answer: We'll be a society that deserves its bad roads, its error-filled textbooks, its incompetent government officials, its stupid teachers... You get the picture.

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Anonymous said...

mao! usual mana nila na marketing. like sa mga school publications or yearbooks, basta mga printing press mag bidding mana sila di ba? tas underground works ana kay mangahtag na sila "kunuhay" og "secret" discounts. and some would bribe for gadgets, like celphones, ipods, etc... nasakpan man gani ako kaila ana kay siya man ang editor in chief sa una sa amo yearbook. dawat siyag celphone n cash "daw" in exchange na sila ang mag produce sa amoa yearbook( na purya gaba ang result sa amo yearbook). dili man siya muangkon na kato ang reason way siya nahawa sa amoa school.
basta daghan kaayo CORRUPT DIRI SA PILIPINAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! from ginagmayng mga tao upto taas.
sa Ozamis City kung mupalit ka sa Gaisano(hehehehe gipanganlan jud) nya for example pagbayad nimo naa pa kay change na .75 centavos, don't expect for a change bisan candy man lang wa jud! imagine pila ka tao nagagrocery nya .75 ang mga change?
trisikad drivers na lupig pa sa pamasahe sa jeep kung maningil.
taxi drivers na harap harapan ka na hangyuon na dili nalng ka kambiyuan. magpa additional charge kung ulan2x(mga opportunista) mamili og pasahero etc...
ing ana sila ka isug mangilad kay ang president nato ing ana ka "BAGA OG NAWONG" mangurap.