Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in a nutshell

It's the last day of December 2008. What a year it has been.

Bombing in India, Israel has gone to war with Hamas, the MOA-AD was left hanging, kidnappings in Sulu and Basilan, Obama won the presidential race, financial crisis in the world, oil price hike turning somersaults, etcetera (not necessarily in this order.)

Meanwhile, I started a new job with new colleagues, new work routine, new skills, new stresses, but lots of new satisfactions too. Continued gymming and blogging to exercise body and mind. Pursued filming, photoshopping, and driving. Invested in land and started renovating the house I'm going to move into soon. Was sad to have to let go of more old friends who left for abroad one after another to work or get married. But thank god for new friends to sing with, to dance with, to swim with, to bike with, and to have long sensible talks with. Best of all, I'm happy to have ma and pa who never stop asking are you happy? how was your day?

Have a fabulastic 2009 everyone! :D

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