Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Biking Story

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finding your G-spot

Went to watch the SP session today. 

Was the picture-taker for the councilors of Lamitan, Basilan. They were impressed by the professionalism of Davao City Councilors Cabling, Dayanghirang, Lavina, Reta, Zozobrado, Lavina, et. al. They couldn’t stop talking about the strictness of Sarah and the wonderful Earth Day speech of Avila. 

But the highlight for me was when the pregnant Councilor Angging Librado-Trinidad condemned an article in a newbie newspaper as being too erotic or something. She used the word “censor”; I forgot her exact words. 

Aloud she read the article’s title: “Finding your G-spot.” Then in her speech, Angging expressed worry about the newspaper being circulated and people reading the article. 

In my mind: Oh c’mon, is she serious?! 

Girls are getting pregnant without reading “Finding your G-spot.” People who, moralists say, are not supposed to have sex – are having sex – and that’s not thanks to “Finding your G-spot.” 

So, you see, spending ten minutes talking about how dangerous “Finding your G-spot” is to the youth, comes over to me as quite funny – in an eye-ball-rolling way. 

Angging could’ve used that time talking, for instance, about how to help stop too many parents from having too many kids they can’t even send to school! 

But condemning “Finding your G-spot”? In this time of Playboy, FHM, Vogue that publish similar articles?! Give us a break puhlease!

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Cinderella On A Mountainbike

We left Santa Ana Wharf at 3pm, had an early dinner at a resort in Kaputian, took some pictures on the beach, then, as it was beginning to drizzle, we put on our lights and started pedaling into the approaching darkness. One hour later, as we reached PeƱaplata, the sky burst but we refused to be cowed by its anger. Afraid we would be left behind by the barge, we raced to Babak, the wind whipping us as we careened up and down the hills at breakneck speed. Feelings and thoughts enveloped me and I found myself crying with the rain. We had some accidents, too. But no details nalang. It's hard to put everything that happened that night in writing. Basta. Lamiiii kaayo. To feel so free and powerful! On the way home, my lights died out on me and with some trepidation, I arrived butt aching and hair all sticky just as the clock struck 12. No kidding. I felt like Cinderella on a mountainbike. End of Article.

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