Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finding your G-spot

Went to watch the SP session today. 

Was the picture-taker for the councilors of Lamitan, Basilan. They were impressed by the professionalism of Davao City Councilors Cabling, Dayanghirang, Lavina, Reta, Zozobrado, Lavina, et. al. They couldn’t stop talking about the strictness of Sarah and the wonderful Earth Day speech of Avila. 

But the highlight for me was when the pregnant Councilor Angging Librado-Trinidad condemned an article in a newbie newspaper as being too erotic or something. She used the word “censor”; I forgot her exact words. 

Aloud she read the article’s title: “Finding your G-spot.” Then in her speech, Angging expressed worry about the newspaper being circulated and people reading the article. 

In my mind: Oh c’mon, is she serious?! 

Girls are getting pregnant without reading “Finding your G-spot.” People who, moralists say, are not supposed to have sex – are having sex – and that’s not thanks to “Finding your G-spot.” 

So, you see, spending ten minutes talking about how dangerous “Finding your G-spot” is to the youth, comes over to me as quite funny – in an eye-ball-rolling way. 

Angging could’ve used that time talking, for instance, about how to help stop too many parents from having too many kids they can’t even send to school! 

But condemning “Finding your G-spot”? In this time of Playboy, FHM, Vogue that publish similar articles?! Give us a break puhlease!


Anonymous said...

topics in magazine na gaya ng ganyan ay dapat di ipinapublish.
title pa lang "finding your G spot" e leading na masyado dun sa usapang sexual.
di naman ako conservative. di mo ba alam maraming babae and it's very alarming kase bumabata ang nagpapaabort ngayon, at the young age og 11 yrs old (yup. unfortunately sister ko). sabi pa niya marami sa mga kaibigan niya (kasing edad o matanda ng isang taon) e naka experience na rin ng pagpapa abort.
FHM, MAXIM, UNO, PLAYBOY, VOGUE etc... are in the market right now. pero di ba nakakaalarma na kahit bata e nakakabasa ng mga ganito? mga elem male students na may collection ng FHM every month?
di tayo nakakasiguro na ang magazine na binibenta sa malls o bangketa na pang matanda (for adults only) e for adults lang talaga.
tama na dapat pag usapan ang reproductive health. pero dapat din turuan ang mga kabataan na at young age e iwasan nila sex. kase the early they engage sex the more chance they get cervical cancer or incompetent pregnancies.
pero ang kabataan e mapusok. gaya ng article na "finding your G spot" hahanapin nila ang pansamantalang kaligayahan. libre pa! and then... whalah! pa sex sex para mas masaya.

angging librado-trinidad said...

H, i am lucky to have come across your comment on the speech i made about an article, entitled "Finding..." , which landed in a davao-city (local) newspaper. Without sounding too defensive, I would like to begin by highlighting the context of my opposition, to wit:
1. The article is not a feature nay an informative piece on sex, sexuality and reproductive health of women and men. At best , it is pornographic material with no other intent but to arouse the prurient interest of the readers.
2. I am a strong advocate of reproductive health where one of the major components is adolescent reproductive health . I think this is where your concern falls as I am aware that people especially the adolescent ones need proper and CORRECT information about their sex, bodies and sexuality. I am saying CORRECT because there seem to be an overload of incorrect data or half-truths all over and as a consequence, our young get pregnant, get il and at worst , they die.
3. If you have the time, please try to read the article and alongside our local development program for children where our program on adolescent reproductive health is spelled out. Hopefully, by doing this you will realize where my opposition is coming from.
thank you and hope to hear from you soon