Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I got bribed

In the bus on my way to the parish near Bukidnon, the guy in charge of the tickets said i had to pay 100. So i did. The problem was that i had to tell him about 5 times to give me my ticket. Instead he gave me back 20 pesos. 

"What's this for?" I asked. 

"80 nalang," he said. 

Me: "Ah okay, where's my ticket?"   

He looked at me. I looked at him. 

"I need the ticket for reimbursement," I finally explained. 

From the wad of money he was holding, he took out a ticket that had already been stamped and gave that to me. "Thanks," I said but inside I was thinking, "Gabaan ka." 


Anonymous said...

makalagot jud nang ing ana na tig ticket. almost everyday sa akoa duty kay naga bus man ko kay either sa carmen dist hosp or sa digos ko ma-assign mag duty sa school.
one thing pud makalagot sa ila kay kung like 500 pesos imo money ibayad sultian ka na sakto lang ibayad. pur dyos pur santo! maglisud lisud ba diay kog bayad og 500 kung naa koy exact pamasahe na ibayad di ba? mao jud na pirmi ako kalagutan pud nila.
nya kung mag reklamo ka tutukan ka nila na mura ka nila patyun. mang harass dayun. paisugay lagi pirmi. haaaaay.


Keith said...

Sounds like the guy has quite a money making racket going on. I appreciate his entrepreneurial spirit! LOL

Keith said...

Maya, though you always blog in English, I still feel inclined ton learn the Filipino languagve...... even then, are your commenters commenting in Bisaya, or Filipino?

I am learning Bahasa Indonesia for my travels a little further south of you, but the day may come I will return and learn more of the Filipino language

MayaFlaminda said...

you think it's funny but think about how he does this not only to me but to almost everybody who enters the bus! Those who get in at the take off point get the tickets, the rest often not. And think about how he does this day in and day out. Quite an entrepreneur indeed huh.

MayaFlaminda said...

I write in Bisaya mostly. Never Tagalog. :) i head Bahasa Indonesia is similar to one Filipino language. What are you learning it for? For your travels? What does that mean?