Sunday, December 7, 2008

Manny beat Oscar

When Krishna said she wanted Manny to experience losing, I agreed. But then again, Oscar probably has a bigger ego. So on second thought, I wanted Manny to win. Never imagined though that Oscar would go down that easily. (I didn't see the match because of driving lessons but friends and family informed me Manny was fast and Oscar simply couldn't keep up.) At 35, Oscar de la hoya, boxing's Golden Boy, is going to retire - or so I have been informed. But Pacman says he'll box two more times before turning in his gloves for good. 

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, "The four-division champion and current WBC lightweight king is expected to earn close to $15 million for this fight, which includes a guaranteed purse -- reportedly $6 million -- and his share of the pay-per-view pie." 

Knowing Manny's penchant for gambling, I wonder whether he's going to be hitting the casinos tonight. I wonder how much he doesn't mind losing there? I wonder how many other women (other than his wife) is he going to flirt with these coming days?

Pardon me for spoiling everybody's ecstasy over Manny's victory but I'd just like to remind everyone to lets please keep him on the boxing ring pedestal. Manny's a boxing hero. (He's not in the league of the real Bayanis of this nation.) But I've got to give Manny credit for his guts - he tried acting, singing, even ran for congress but lost. (Thank God.) I just hope that now that Manny's officially the world's best boxer, he doesn't get it into his head to run for President! Simbako!


*dreamy* said...

hi may, kristine here.

ha ha. i admit i love watching him win. jem's obsessed so i get hooked as well. i really love him. i love how the country stops and becomes the most peaceful country in the world when he gets into the ring. i just hope he draws the line on politics in the future. yikes if he doesn't.

btw, in case you're wondering why i changed my id. i closed my personal blog na to the public. will email you invite for it. but i made a public blog with this new id. no revelations as to my person, so i'm okay with this one being open. it's photos, mostly. i'm enjoying my cam eh. hehe. tc.

kangirl said...

You know I agree with you on this Maya. Keep him on the Boxing Ring - there are more REAL HEROES out there, they just don't get the publicity...
And poor Dela Hoya, he's just too handsome to lose. lol