Sunday, August 3, 2008

No hangups whatsoever

It’s so good to laugh out loud and be myself with people who’ve experienced my most mataray and manang moments but now look back at that time with a chuckle. Friday night was probably the longest night we’ve chatted. Winvic’s got a new car and will go on a rendezvous somewhere in Asia this month. (My lips are sealed.) Ian’s relishing his new role as a tito and is busy making one film after another. Shelly’s been traveling to faraway barrios to write stories about remarkable people. Really cool job. Chechu’s all set to fly to America on Wednesday to start life as a married couple with Bryan. Jolen is well, smiling and bubbly as ever despite everything. The good news is that she flew in on a whim from the States and she’s back in D.C. until further notice. That means I’ll get to enjoy her wonderful company and her bright, confident little Judai too!

Having said all that, Friday night was a chopsuey of emotions. Happy as usual. But sad too (for reasons I’d rather not disclose). Let’s just say, we all have grown up. Definitely more financially independent and knowing what we want from life. No hangups whatsoever. That’s what I love about this group.

(P.S. We missed you Joy and Ai.)

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