Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MILOW a.k.a Jonathan Vandenbroeck

I'd like to introduce MILOW a.k.a Jonathan Vandenbroeck - my cousin. This year, Jonathan won 3 awards given by the Belgian Music Industry - Best Music Video, Best Breakthrough Artist, and Best Song. He's captured Belgium and is now about to conquer Europe! Starting with Holland. We're all quite proud of him. The video clips below are  some of my favorites.

song's title: YOU DON'T KNOW 
(This video was shot with students from the circus school in Belgium. Jonathan's brother, Lennert studies there. As a matter of fact, Jonathan's girlfriend also studied there. She's a trapeze artist.)

song's title: LANDSLIDE
(This video was shot inside a museum in Belgium. Nobody ever gets to sit behind the glass with the animals, but the museum made an exception for Jonathan. The result is this fantastic video.)

song's title: BORN IN THE EIGHTIES 
(The first time mama and I heard Jonathan sing this song live in Belgium, we had to cry. Never mind telling you why.)

song's title: EXCUSE TO TRY 
(This song is a beautiful tribute to Saskia, my other cousin.)

song's title: MORE FAMILIAR 
(Bram and Lennert are in this video clip which I think is the most upbeat of all of Jona's songs.)


joey said...

he's hot ;)

jade said...

I really like his music! He's great :)

Jace said...

can i give you my number?
he has to call me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello there : )

While google "Milow" it lead me here : ). You have a very talented cousin and as I understand your whole family are more or less giftet with talents :)

Thanx for sharing the last video clip is of a more "family" kind and really nice to watch/listening to :)

Also since I too am a blogger I didn't stop here at this post but continued to read more of your blog and you have a great blog and shares so many lovely photos. I will definitely bookmark your blog :)
The pics on the bottom of the blogpage with the two statues on the beach are really amazing :)

from Sweden with love,

feRn said...

love their music... :)

Anonymous said...

I love you cousin, Maya, he's so hot ! Why he's not free ? :-(

Anonymous said...

Damn sexyy :P !
If everything goes well, I'll see him in Hannover in February.

Best wishes ;)