Thursday, August 14, 2008

More hilarious pics

The owner of this car must either be very deaf or a big show off. Or both.

Rubbing salt in the wound. I wonder how the drivers feel.

An innovative way to piss off your neighbors.

It's not raining. There's no ice on the road to make it slippery. So how the hell did this happen?

If you're a Filipinow, you'd just pee over the wall. Pee problem solved.

This guy is obviously trying to hide from his flame's husband or boyfriend whose just come home from work or something.

Wise-ass dad. Smart-ass mom. Lazy-ass brother. Kiss-ass sister. Dumb-ass brother.

This boy's in a fix. Literally.

This is why you should never go to bed without any clothes on.

Presence of mind always. In order to not look as foolish as this driver.

I'm eating. Back off! Or else I'll pee in my food!

Don't try this doggie trick at home. It's painful.

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