Sunday, February 15, 2009

Smelling shoes

I did 6 things on Vday yesterday and came home at around 3:30 am but didn't even feel sleepy yet. 1.) gym 2.) office work 3.) zip line at Outland Adventure with Pam, Robert and Shena 4.) Rachel Alejandro's concert in SM with Ian, Winvic and Jolen 5.) dinner at Iranian resto and 6.) halo-halo and chill in MTS with them gihapon - plus Yeng.

The day involved buying expensive but extremely comfortable high heels Crocs for work, watching half naked girls do the belly dance, and the car breaking down.

But by far the best thing about yesterday was the talking - whether or not children should take care of old parents, suspicions that Obama might be an atheist, the cost of our real estate and car purchases, Rachel Alejandro's love life, annoying people we see every day who talk about shoes and bags and telenovelas and moviestars ALL the time, former classmates who have not aged since college graduation, overbearing parents, being overworked and grossly underpaid, dealing with demanding bosses, stem cell research, Democrats and Republicans, GMA, Karlo Nograles, Sarah Duterte, Luz Ilagan, corruption, double standards of Pinoys, and so on and so forth.

At one point in the Iranian resto full of people, Ian picked up my right shoe and smelled it to see if it was indeed odorless as Crocs are supposed to be. It wasn't he said. He picked up his shoe and Winvic's shoe to smell them too and compare. Winvic's shoe was odorless Ian declared. That's how Winvic and I ended up smelling all our shoes too just to check whether Ian was telling the truth. I found that hilarious. Glad to have friends who can be crazy like that.


Keith said...

Maya, I do not know if I ever wore shoes in the Philippines after getting to the hotel. I believe I always wore sandals.

But, I am always happy to reflect on such things in the theoretical. As it is, I have never owned shoes so daring as to challenge my feet with claim s of olfactory neutrality.

I, for one am shocked to think people are calling Obama an atheist. What would Richard Dawkins do?

MayaFlaminda said...

He would be delighted! :-) But he'd understand Obama can't be too vocal about his atheism given that most Americans are God believers. Wadya think?

Anonymous said...

crocs pud tu iya sapatos maya? kay mupalit nalng pud ko crocs kung ing ana. hehehe

hala! if it's true na athiest si Obama. mao na jud nang gitagna sa mananagna! hihihi


Keith said...

I live in the land of the free and the home of the brave...

I suppose that though I still believe in an afterlife I am challenged daily by the ecclesiastical visions that seem to imprison others.

Ironically, I worshoip in a Catholic Church, and am surrounded by many whom would be challenged by my personal belief systems.

Any man who has walked through a park where sediment record suggests he is witness to 400 million years of geologic history is going to have some wild conversations with those who know the planet is only 6,000 years old.

Regardless his belief system on God, I hope my president is smart enough to treat science with appropriate respect. He is wise to remain quiet. Any extreme opinion
would make him a mark.

MayaFlaminda said...

yes indeed. i totally agree with everything you said. Well, Obama did good in encouraging embryonic stem cell research for one. We're watching how the stimulus plan will turn out.