Friday, January 25, 2008

There are no fat ferraris

Went to Manila last weekend to join Herbalife’s Spectacular gathering. Was impressed by the before and after results of Herbalifers. Especially the man with the nine-month beer belly that just disappeared. (Pregnant-looking males out there – there’s still hope for you!) One woman with a terrific sense of humor said she’s 60, but looked like she’s 35. Her secret? She drinks about 6 shakes a day. With that much fiber and vitamins and minerals a day, how can she not be detoxified! Another woman who looked huge before when she was in her 30s, but fit and trim now that she’s in her late 50s, said that she has probably one of the unhealthiest families – diabetes, UTI, constipation, ulcer – you name it, they have it. But with the herbal food of Herbalife - she’s been able to “correct” those problems, slim down, and increase her energy level! I found it inspiring to see so many people like her look very unhealthy when they were younger, but now that they’re older look much, much younger.

Another highlight of Spectacular gathering was Dr. Luigi Gratton, the sexy and good-looking top physician of Herbalife who is also the nutritionist of LA Galaxy, David Beckham’s soccer team. (My companions, Evelyn and Cheryl, gushed that Dr. Luigi has the cutest butt which I didn’t dare contest because every time he ventured into the crowd, women screamed.) Dr. Luigi answered technical questions about how many percent of this is in that tablet and so on. That’s a seemingly uh, not very interesting conversational topic, but boy was Dr. Luigi clear and precise. His eloquence, as well as the fun and passion with which he talked about herbs and the human body, made me actually feel bad that I didn’t study to be a doctor myself.

Gala night found us all sitting in our immaculate gowns and suits around dinner tables on which were laid out the softest wheat bread. The main course was a choice between salmon and beef. No soft drinks, only iced tea; and fruits for dessert. The whole time, top distributors of Herbalife were made to go on stage and receive long-stemmed red roses instead of the usual medals and trophies. More testimonials. More picture-taking. All the while in my head: “Some people waste their health going after wealth only to later on spend their wealth to try and take back their health.”

DR. LUIGI GRATTON: “The human body is like a car’s engine. It needs fuel to function. The difference is that when you put too much gasoline in a car’s engine, the gasoline just spills out. But if you eat more food than your body needs, the food will just be absorbed… and absorbed… and absorbed by your body. The point is: there’s no such thing as a fat Ferrari.”

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