Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Year In A Nutshell

Last year was one of the best and worst years. Finished my thesis, graduated with an MA degree and said goodbye to friends in Ateneo de Manila University; visited Bayani in Los Banos, Evohn in Antique, and went snorkeling in Palawan; joined a “peace” meeting in Midsayap; made the first two big investments of my life – talakitok and equities in Philam. Broke up with Ariel (sigh) but rediscovered friendships with Giselle (I’d like to believe) and Joey Baby. Watched four friends get hitched: Julie to Jun-jun, Joey to Chris, Chechu to Bryan, and Doms to Erwin.

For five months, had been dead set on spending my work leave volunteering in China. Even got all the prerequisites but then changed my mind because it dawned on me that I’d have to teach English as a Foreign Language which is more tiring than teaching English as a Second Language.

To get my mind off my first love, Joey let me host VIEWFINDER on MIX FM with the top college debaters in Mindanao as regular guests. But listeners complained we were too serious. So from political dynasties and animal testing, we switched to relationships, sports and the Internet. One caller suggested we talk about whether masturbation is evil. I told her, “No problem, stay tuned.”

Fran got me hooked on Multiply where I have posted the pics of that painful climb up Mount Dulang-Dulang, the best preserved mountain in the Philippines according to George Tapan. The wind and rain gushing through the trees sounded like angry waves crashing and colliding. That’s how it seemed like the entire time we were up there some 2,800 meters above sea level.

With Linda’s encouragement, I started polishing my pen through blogspot and revived my trusty Macho I Love Yous and Ode to Ms. Javellana to name some. (This year, the blog entries are going to be shorter, I promise.)

I went to the gym regularly, running as fast as I could and feeling great, my mountain bike waiting for me in vain. Persistent Che who looked great without exercise kept on bugging me about joining Herbalife. Finally I conceded and joined a meeting in a room of non-stop clapping and gushing: “wow!” “amazing!” “yes!” Now I’m part of the crazy bunch of former security guards, single moms, dentists, manicuristas, students, NGO workers, and entrepreneurs.

Mind you, I’ve become a lover of Herbalife’s chocolate shake yet haven’t given up on my exercise. This is how I intend to still feel and look like I’m 35 even if I’m already 60. If Cory Quirino can do it and tons of other people, so can I! When she and Jaime Licaoco came to Davao City and held a talk about healing body, mind and spirit at the Royal Mandaya hotel, I dropped everything I was doing just to listen to them. Mr. Jaime told us, “We humans use only 1% of our brains.” That got me thinking about my own underused brains.

At home one night, Yummy got the terrific idea for me to pursue law school just like her. “Maya, you’re good in English and you’re hardworking,” she said. Her enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I spent hours solving math problems (my waterloo) in order to pass the entrance exams to law schools around the country. All the while I fantasized about how I’d defeat in court the multinational companies that are encroaching on Davao City’s watersheds. What a fulfilling life I thought. Two months later, Father Nazareno and some newspaper columns about how hard law school really is made me change my mind again. (I’m finicky I know.)

Good thing, Paul happened and made me realize filming’s what I really want to pursue. The offers poured in one documentary after another and soon I was digging into my savings to buy my own videocamera, an extra battery, a microphone, a headphone, lights, and teamed up with college buddy, Arthur a.k.a. Ian. I liked life behind the cameras so much that I decided to apply for a film school scholarship in Singapore, got positive results, only to be turned down by my bosses. Too expensive daw. Besides, there are enough local teachers to teach Mass Communications daw. Bummer. But I’m not giving up!

Cheska’s good friend, Ryan gave me the contact numbers of Filipino filmmaker, Nick de Ocampo who graduated at the top of his class at the New York Film Academy. He’s been making documentaries for at least two decades now. And he headed the guerilla filmmaking workshop in Davao City which Ryan joined. I’m going to e-mail Mr. Nick today and try to join the two-month film workshop he always gives in summer.Have a fabulastic new year everyone!


jerry said...

what an interesting year maya. what else to say: rock on!

Bryan said...

Hey Maya! First off I was pleasantly surprised to find my own name mentioned in your blog. I'm inspired by your determination. You have many goals and dreams and I know that you'll do something important with your life. You have great positive influence on people. Spread that to as many people as you can! Take care!

Bayani said...

yeah rock on allright!

next up: amazing race asia season 3! haha!

Batang Bingi said...

Hi ma'am!

What a year! So di ka pala single and available nung na-meet ka namin. Hahaha!

Btw, piggy was good. Rat must be better.

May we all have a fruitful ratty year ahead! :)

Erwin said...

Hafa adai Maya from a little rock in the middle of the Pacific also known as Guam! I'm Dom's guy...hehehe. You will always have years full of intrigue and excitement because that's the kind of person you are. Always looking for the next greatest adventure. I expect nothing less from you. Joy and I look forward to seeing you again. Much rather hear you talk about your experiences in person. Have a great 2008!