Wednesday, November 5, 2008

McCain doesn't come close

Obamalabama. I hope he wins! Not because he's black; but because he has the best plans. Better plans for the soldiers, for the environment, for stopping terrorism. Heck, McCain doesn't come close. If you watched the two presidential debates,  Obama kept his cool, and gave short, concise answers that hit the bull's eye. 

If he wins, I wish him the best. I wish his family the best. Their lives are probably going to change big time - and i don't necessarily mean for the better. Less time for the family and more stress from work. It's not a very nice life. 

But then again, if I were in Obama's shoes, I wouldn't say no to the chance of being one of the most influential persons in the world who can actually make things happen at the snap of his fingers. Now that's power. I just hope that it doesn't get to his head. 

I say this because I've seen charismatic friends consumed by politics turn into persons who talk too loudly, don't know how to listen anymore, and show interest only in their own work. Everything else is irrelevant - themselves, their friends, their families. Obama, hope that doesn't happen to you! 


Claire said...

May, congrats to you! I was for McCain but oh well.

MayaFlaminda said...

McCain? Why? :D

Anonymous said...

nakit an nako sa youtube tung iya victory speech. makahilak og sip un haahaha.

Keith said...

Maya, here in Redding, I am surrounded by people in mourning. Many folk here believe, claim to believe, that Obama's election is the beginning of the end.

My girlfriend is Javanese, and people in her country are celebrating . Of course Obama's has history in her country, so...

I hope in this administration, we can erase some of the damage done in the past eight years.

Anonymous said...

kabalo ba ka maya na ang mga conservative na mga americans kay ang tan aw kay Obama kay terrorista?!?!?! I agree with keith, as in jud naa jud mga tao naga tuo na to the extent gani na siya daw ang gipredict ni NOstradamus na black president na anti christ?!?!?! huwaaaat!?!?!?! ahahaha God bless nalang jud!
hapit baya jud ko nakahilak og sip un naminaw sa speech niya. hehehe


MayaFlaminda said...

Hi Keith ever since Obama started running against Hillary, my family has been religiously tuned into CNN and listening to political analysts and the American people's sentiments about Obama. We have the impression that many Americans don't really listen to the news... I mean to say, there are Americans who will vote for McCain just because he's Republican and don't really know the specific platforms that each candidate has. Indeed, now that Obama has won, opposition's going to be tremendous - and everyone's watching whether he's really going to walk the talk. I'm crossing my fingers.

MayaFlaminda said...

Hi Al! Nice bitaw ang iya speech no? During debates pud, Obama knows what to say with the best impact - compared to McCain. One time CNN featured the speech writers of both candidates. Imagine, the head speech writer of Obama's a 26 caucasian male!

Anonymous said...

I just hope lang jud na dili siya makalimut sa iya gituhuan and principles.

Kc said...

Why McCain? I believe he is a more capable leader:

Also, Obama intentionally uses hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques in his speeches (I can send you a PDF file if you want to read the whole thing):

- Trance Inductions
- Hypnotic Anchoring
- Pacing and Leading
- Pacing, Distraction and Utilization
- Critical Factor Bypass
- Stacking Language Patterns
- Preprogrammed Response Adaptation
- Linking Statements/ Causality Bridges
- Secondary Hidden Meanings/Imbedded Suggestions
- Emotion Transfer
- Non-Dominant Hemisphere Programming

However, I don't believe he is the Antichrist. His name doesn't add up to 666.

I don't think he's evil. I was just hoping McCain would win. But now that Obama's president, I just hope he does better than Bush. :D

Kc said...

Well.. siguro if you consider the mass hypnosis thing.. then maybe he is kind of evil.. sort of.. hehehehe.

Keith said...

Maya, ever since a lady in Cagayan de Oro roped me into a discussion about the election of the governor from my home state of California, I see the seeds for my reticence in talking politics.

Still, my heart hopes for change in California and the world. My hope is Obama is strong enough to start that change. I want things to get better. I am grateful for the support we have received from around the world.