Saturday, October 25, 2008

Teachers disagree over sex

Last night Bel, Frithjof and I had a massage. Halfway through the session, I started interviewing my masseuse. She's 21, has two kids - 3 years old and 1 year old, and a husband who slaps her once in a while. Me: Is he drunk when he slaps you? She: No, that's just how he is. Whaaaat?! I told her to leave the jerk. She said she can't because she needs him to help out with the kids since she can't do it on her own. Me: Why did you have children so young? She just laughed sheepishly.  

When I got home Pa announced that some professors at the Ateneo de Manila University have stood up to the Catholic Church. You can read the story, "Ateneo profs buck bishops, back birth control bill" in PDI, page A11, Oct. 24,'08. This is basically what the teachers have to say: 

1. Women lack reproductive health care and information on and access to family planning methods of their choice.

2. The rich have few children who are desired and supported whereas the poor are left struggling to feed, educate and take care of their many children.

3. Sex education in the curriculum of public schools will help Filipino youths who engage in unprotected sex.

The dilemma: Church leaders have argued that sex education in schools will encourage young people to try premarital sex. 

The professors' retort: It would certainly be ideal for families and parents to inform their children on sex and sexuality, but this is hardly the case.

My opinion: We need more TEACHERS OF CATHOLIC SCHOOLS who have no qualms about speaking out against the Church's irrational opposition to using contraceptives and teaching sex education in schools.

Bottomline: Let's face it, the Church thrives on the ignorance of women. 

To continue my commentary, I'd like to point out that we live in a country where Catholic schools have always kept mum about sex education because, based on experience, the schools don't "want to rock the boat." This is why I find the story of the Catholic teachers so refreshing which is why last night I started a uh, "text debate" about it with my former colleagues from Ateneo de Davao University. Here's what they said:

Theology titsr: Yu nid consensus 2 teach sex educ in ADDU. Some of us have our own personal stand. Wyl it may be ok 2 speak personaly, bringin d name of d grup, esp pipol wit dissenting opinions, s nt easy. The bill has some positiv n negativ implicatns.

Com Arts titsr: What are the negative implications?

Theology titsr: Depends on whos persepectiv. We hada sessn on that wit a Jesuit moral theologian frm Loyola School of Theology last week. My take is: follow the dictate of your conscience.

Com Arts titsr: What does conscience have to do with sex?! Pipol wil always hav sex. Birth control simply prevents unwantd births - unwanted kc the parents arent ready. They just want sex. Theyr human. Gosh, d church s so m0ralistic.

Psych titsr: Moralistic is an undrstatement. Ancient is a bettr term.

Theology titsr: The church s not agenst sex. its 4 d responsibl use of sex dat it wants 2 promote. Agen, pipol wit diff. view on dis cud always push der argumnt. Everybody s entitld 2 der own opinion man. D bishops hav ders. D others hav. Plurality of voices. Dats wat it shud be. Kaya nga its part of d public discourse.

Com Arts titsr: Hay cgeg discours. Hangtod ra sa discours. These priests and bishops are al talk, quick to condemn if its not NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING. So ur saying d church thinks birth control s iresponsible? Oh cm0n! My opinion is the church as a bunch of males who thnk theyr betr than women, who thnk they hav al d answrs, who nid lotsa money to be christlike. 

Psych titsr: Women shud hold half of d CHURCH's SACRED GROUNDS. Wat shud prevail at the end of d day shud b civil ethics and nt D CHURCH HEGEMONIC DECREES. Amen 2 dat.

Sociology titsr: Kulang ang studnts sa love educ. Akala to love is to open up one's self to be unprotected. Inviting disaster. 

Mass Com titsr: Kay walay maayong sex ed.

Sociology titsr: Meron baya. Pretty good sex ed my girls have. Sage is in grade 5. Lesson nila 2 days ago. Li was quizzing the smaller one at dinner. I cover that in pop and demography when i teach socio 111, pero 2 late by then. Alam na ng freshmen. In soc of d family i deconstruct d constelation pero 10 mil gid ang students ko, kalahati bading. Yati.

Mas Com titsr: LOL!

Sociology titsr:
Anyway, most schooled catholics pay lip svc to d church's stand. They'r likely 2 plan their families. Its the unschooled catholics we shd reach.

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