Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Auntie Jet's despedida party

Auntie Jet is ma's best friend. Uncle Carl too. They were friends during the time when all the buildings in Ateneo de Davao University were still alive. (I mean, Fr. Dott and Fr. Weiman, etc. were not dead yet. When they died, the buildings were named after them.) 

Auntie Jet's now based in New York City with the love of her life, Fred (he's American but his Cebuano is flawless. Just like papa's Cebuano and Tagalog.) Auntie Jet's here for a short while visiting family and friends. She's in Manila now visiting pre-schools and observing how they teach for - her Masters. 

You see, Auntie Jet, aside from being a pre-school teacher in one of the most prestigious pre-schools in New York City (Susan Sarandon, Tom Cruise, etc. send their kids there), she's also studying in the best school in the world that specializes in Early Childhood Education. (I forgot the name. It starts with "B" i think.) 

To get to the point, Auntie Jet's tuition is soooo expensive. Something millions. Good thing is that part of her life's masterplan is to come back to the Philippines and train teachers to teach poor indigents. Below are some bits and pieces of Auntie Jet's despedida. 
Mila's Catering's delicious. (I'm still studying how to photoshop the rest of the food.)
The three best friends since college - Uncle Carl, Norms, and Auntie Jet.
Harry Belafonte, Elvis Presley, cha-cha, swing - he knows them all.
What's a party without folk dance? 
 Dancing and singing and talking non stop. All the energy was a bit overwhelming for exhausted Maya who ended up sleeping through the revelry. (60+ is the new 50. For these people at least. Hehe. No offense Ma.) 

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