Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family reunion with relatives from Pikit, Panabo and Saudi

Auntie Lorna, who's from Pikit, is mama's first cousin on her mother's side. Then there's Auntie Sabet, from Saudi Arabia. And the youngest is Auntie Eva from Panabo. They're the three sisters. Mama's their cousin from Davao. An only child. 

So naturally, every time these cousins meet, it's usually once in a blue moon and there's a lot of updating and laughing and singing and dancing as apparent in these pictures. 

Ma's the noisiest of them all. During times like these, ma is in her element, being everywhere at the same time and holding multiple conversations across the room. 

She's only 62 and getting more uninhibited each year. 

She usually only plays the drums only during Christmas. But this day was an exception.

This is the typical Norma pose.
Drinking special tea from Saudi.

Roda, Inday and Belen are choosing songs. Magic Sing's the Philippine pastime. 

PM and Karlos. PM is short for 'puslan man' - the name of the resto where her parents met.
Aunties Sabet, Lorna and Eva. Together again.

Ma with Haidee and her kids. Flew in all the way from Pampanga.

Sexy Inday, a.k.a Flor Eliza.  


feRn said...

your möm is really a nice person to be with.. liNgaw! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Te Norma ang katapat ni Gary V.. Ms Pure Energy Te Norma! go go go!
Mingaw nun ko Auntie/Tita/Mama Norma

- al :)

Emma said...

Well written article.