Sunday, March 2, 2008

River tubing with Yani

Bayani arrived two weeks ago from Laguna. We first went mountainbiking and then went tubing in Sibulan river.

Never heard of river tubing? The contraption is actually an inflated inner tubing of a truck’s wheel. It looks like a gigantic doughnut with flat rope webs converging in the middle of the hole. You have to sit in the tube with your legs hanging out and let the current drag you downstream. If you can’t swim or are unsure about navigating the tube on your own, then get a guide. If you’re big, get two guides. They’ll push and pull you all the way down the river – over rocks and boulders and tiny waterfalls. This wet roller coaster ride takes about three hours from start to finish. But if you’re not ready to try the uh, dangerous sections near the jump off point, you can always take a short cut and do the less dangerous sections. Rent a tube for 40 pesos. Pay your guide 200 pesos.

How to get there? If you’re coming from Davao City, ride all the way past Talomo and Toril. When you reach the San Miguel brewery, slow down the car a bit and watch out for a dirt road at the right side of the highway. Take that dirt road all the way to the river. You can’t miss it.

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jerry said...

hahaha, naa na life jacket ang mag-tubing! damn, i sorely miss davao.

aajetskie said...

hi, i'm from negros and am going to davao at the end of the month. tubing is interesting. how do we get there from downtown davao by puvs? fare etc.

jerry said...

this is what i remember two years ago:
1. go to ecoland bus terminal
2. get a bus that goes to digos (usually, davao metro shuttle. weena and some other small time bus could also take you).
3. once on the bus, tell the driver to drop you off at sibulan crossing. sibulan is a crossing to a coconut plantation by the ayala's and shouldn't be far from the san miguel brewery.
3. there might be habal habal motorcycles at the crossing. tell them that you want to go tubing. and they'll take you.
4. the fare: i do not know, as we usually twist the arm of a friend to take his car when we go there.

good luck! lipay kaayo ang tubing, murag mas lipay pa ang rapids didto sa davao, kumpara sa white water rafting sa cdo.

Anonymous said...

hi aajetskie! i visited your blogs. so you're a traveler... :P Nice! To get to the tubing site from downtown davao, the first thing to do is take a jeep to toril. you can take this jeep in bankerohan or in front of ncccmall. tell the driver to put you down sa jeepneys going to sibulan. There's only one jeepney going to sibulan and the name of the driver is Saylon. (I'm not sure of the spelling but that's the way you pronounce it.) Saylon's jeepney leaves as soon as it's full - around 6:00- 6:30 a.m. So better be early. Tell Saylon to put you down at the tubing site. Once there, go to the house near the river and tell the people there that you wana go tubing. That's it. Good luck. For any more questions, you can email me at It's my pleasure. -MAYA