Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jaywalker defies cop

Two days ago, I got caught jaywalking in Claveria but because of sheer bravado (for lack of a better ‘sounding’ word), I was able to walk away with my police record untainted.

I could have avoided the confrontation with the cop because I saw him standing near City Triangle. He was looking at the pedestrians and standing there in an arrogant pose that said don’t-you-dare-cross-the-road-or-else! I remember thinking that if the cop weren’t there, I’d cross the road without a second thought. So why not just stop pretending to be a good citizen and just be my jaywalking self? That’s exactly what I did. I thought: Heck, if the cop reprimands me and makes a scene, I’ll just argue my way out of it. Everything’s in my favor anyway:

It is 12 p.m. and I haven’t had breakfast yet. If I use the pedestrian crossing, I’d have to walk back some 10 meters, wait ten minutes for the traffic lights to say ‘walk!’ and while waiting, get scorched by the sun and consumed by carbon monoxide. Besides, the cars are some 50 meters from where I am standing along the Roxas-Claveria intersection. They’re near Marco Polo still waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. Surely jaywalking under these circumstances is okay?

Hell no.

My blatant display of hardheadedness in the face of authority does not sit well with the traffic cop. He motions me to stop walking and approaches me saying in a much too loud voice that I should have used the pedestrian crossing. Everybody turns to watch my reaction. Instead of cringing in embarrassment, I reply in an equally loud voice: “But it’s too far! And besides, when I crossed, the cars were still far, far away over there!” (I point in the direction of Marco Polo.)

The cop acts as if he hasn’t heard me. Cop: “Jaywalking is a crime. You should have used the pedestrian crossing.” Me: “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” Cop continues ranting. I tell him again that I’m sorry but he continues ranting. He apparently wants to embarrass the wits out of me. I take a long hard look at his ugly face and turn around, calmly walking away but fuming inside at his lack of indiscretion.

Cop shouts after me: “You could get in prison for that!” Oh really now. I allow myself to be provoked and face him again. Me: “Just for jaywalking I can get put in prison? I don’t believe you!” Cop: “Yes, jaywalking gets you in prison.” Me: “I don’t believe you. I’ll research to see if what you’re saying is true.” I walk away again, the cop still ranting behind me. (Research! I can’t believe I said that!)

That was more or less how our exchange went. Hardly civil. Almost a shouting match. I’m glad I kept my cool because later a friend confirmed that community service or prison is indeed a punishment for jaywalking.

Maya the jaywalker. Why? Upbringing probably. It’s the result of living with a mother who defies authority and breaks red tape all the time – and gets away with it. She’d probably say, “It depends on your arguments. Not all rules are good rules and often there are exceptions to the rules!”


bam said...

“It depends on your arguments. Not all rules are good rules and often there are exceptions to the rules!”

I agree. Some rules, more often than not, create imbalances in the society. Bureaucracy can be such a pain.

Hehe.. Bitaw ma'am, I can't imagine you as a jaywalker. Hehe.. I don't know why. ^-^;

Anonymous said...

bamerts, don't call me ma'am lagi ba! :D

Anonymous said...

wahahaha!!! MAYA THE JAYWALKER!!!!! hahahaa
bitaw. okay ra na. at least naka experience ka makig argue sa mga police. hahahahaha... RESEARCH diay HAH?!?!?!??!?!?!

al diay ni hehehe

Anonymous said...

i bet you've done far more terrible things than me al! ;P

feRn said...

Yeah! i can't believe maya the jaywalker... hahaha! ako pa nimo... ayaw na lingia... ayaw pansina as if bungol ka! ana man nang mga hitsuraan... bungol man. ako gani bungol sad! bwaaaaaahhh! nice oneÜ

Anonymous said...

as in maam? nag jaywalking jud ka? giunsa man ka pag approach sa police? in english or bisaya drecho???

hahaha, just can't imagine maam...

well, all jaywalkers really go to jail and spend a night there. Lucky you, kasi di ka dinakip...

c",) MARIA

Shengyael said...

Waaa lucky you maam hindi ka nakapag over night sa kulungan hehehe... Teka nag bisaya ka po ba sa police or english? malamang bisaya kasi kung english, naintindihan ka kaya nun? sobrang galing kasi mag english ni maam at mabilis mgsalita hehehe...

Anonymous said...

al ni. hahahaha!

kung jaywalking lang ang hisgutan sus! kapila nako gigukod ana sa una. hihihi

kung layo pa ang pulis

atik2x na nagdali dali ka nya wala nimo siya na dunggan. ayaw pansina. paspas lakaw.

kung duol ang pulis

ayaw gihapon pansina. lakaw lang. kung magyawyaw, ayaw jud tubag, lakaw lang diretso nya dagan hihihi

mao na ako taktiks sa una. hahahaha