Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pathetic happy endings

Loving is forgiving. But not when it’s the last straw.

Marriage proposals and baby wishes come too late; sorrys sound empty; forever after are just words.

Only pictures, chats, emails, and poems remain - to be easily trashed..

For someone who has loved truly, madly, deeply for three years, moving on sucks.

Let’s hope the future looks more colorful. Just give me a month. And let me ring my friends who’ve been through worse. I can’t hardly wait to start laughing out loud again.

Now what if he comes back? Without hesitation: I’d still run into his arms. Pathetic.

Then one year passes by,

two years,

three years,

and I meet someone different but interesting.

And the whole love story begins again.

But this time it will have a happy ending.

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