Saturday, September 13, 2008

Posting pics is easier

I haven't blogged for a while so forgive me for being lazy and just posting pics instead of writing about my family's obsession with Obama and Palin, hurricane Ike, the devastation in Haiti, Georgia, India. What else is happening in the world ba? We watch a lot of CNN obviously. Too much if you ask me. But pa thinks it's better than the Lifestyle channel and AXN. He's right. Now, even when I'm in the gym, CNN's become my default channel. For news on the Philippines, we turn to newspapers. It's a good thing that every day at work I'm tasked to clip the news on ARMM - we've got stories on the recent ARMM elections, MOA-AD, as well as CHA2x, GMA, KATO, BRAVO. If I can, I like watching Oprah too every weekday at about 8 - 9 p.m. but if i miss it okay lang. Bottomline: I'm watching far too much TV.

The bride's missing. She's now in America. (Joy's in Guam, Aileen's in Saudi, Jay's in Gen San, and I'm left with Jolen and Ian (and Winvic and Shelly (not in picture)) in Davao.

Mama and her cuzins from Pikit, Singapore, and Pampanga. Auntie Lorna with the crown of leaves was the birthday girl.

On the way down the mountain it rained. That always happens when I climb a mountain.

With the Ateneo debaters after Viewfinder. I think our topic was political dynasties? I'm not sure.

In Bel's house, Elenita subdivision. Tiny but very very cozy. And super clean.

Smiling for Amazing Race Asia 2. We got the guts alright.

Moments later someone at our table saw a ghost waiter and Ian got goosebumps.

I don't usually sing during karaoke sessions so this was a rare moment indeed.

Hanging on to the clothesline while the whole stretch of pesticide-laden banana plantations below are ruining DC's drinking water.

It was hard to find a spot without shadows and sunlight ruining the shot.

The undecided priest from Congo who speaks Bisaya is now in Butuan.

The first night out in Taboan, MTS, Davao City for Piet and Frits with charming Mandy.

Pure Pinay hanging out with boyfriend Pinoy-Indian and his cousin Pinay-German.

Then: preparing for school. (Now: With my new work, I sit in front of the computer for hours at a time.)

These red flowers in Sibulan highlands, Toril didn't smell. I mean, they didn't smell nice or bad. Nothing lang.

My fish cage in Sarangani Bay earned me quite a bit.

Waiting to interview the police officers with the FeelRouge TV crew of uncle Ivo.
Uncles Bruno and Ludo belt out a French song during the Gentse feesten.

It's little miss Judai's bday and her mommy's friends have come to celebrate.

Climbing down Mt. Dulang2x, Bukidnon took a toll on my leg muscles.

See his toe ring? He and his sister (I think) were bagging seedlings.

The punk and the porter. Johan's probably the most well adjusted Belgian-Filipino I know.

Starting a fire with wet wood was easy for these guys.

Walking the streets of Brugge. Cars are off limits here. They have to stay in the underground parking lots.

My noisy family. We argue passionately and disagree fabulastically. (I'm running out of modifiers.)

Genevieve, the littlest of the group, is from Antique. She won a first place Palanca award for her sexy short story in Hiligaynon.

If only all little girls were as bright as Judai - i'd be a pre-school teacher and not complain about the kapoy.

Birthday party ni Joy was courtesy of Jolen's hard, hard work. Erwin just paid for it. (How are you na?)

This was a happy day. But inside i was crying. Char.

Joey's wedding with her MIX girls. She designed her gown herself.

Climbing Mt. Dulang 2x was the wettest so far. And the verticalest as obvious from the way we're standing.

Chechu's wedding to Brian was a night to remember. Now that's cliche. Che, help me out.

The fog crept into the tent in the morning. I slept a bit but Tinne not a wink. The ground was too wet and the sleeping bag too thin.

Ethan Jake's baptism. My third inaanak if I'm not mistaken. Now he's a big boy!

With stylish younger cousins Sanne and Isis. See their piercings and mascara?

Ms. Cory Quirino's 60 +. Her classmates look like her grandparents she said. That's why they never want to have her in class pictures anymore.

This was during Joy's bday party in SM. We were talking while waiting but I remember I wasn't really listening because my mind was wandering.

My idol - Jaime! He got me interested in Theosophy. His articles come out in PDI every Tuesday.

Bel's gonna get married this December and I'm invited!

My pretty lola is like a walking history book.

Cousin Freija will be coming to Pinas she says. She's studying to be a beautician.

With cousins Isabel and Edith eating lunch in their garden. That white jacket was my favorite and i lost it.

With Franinai, my former student who's got big dreams in life and an even bigger heart.

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