Sunday, June 29, 2008

First Photoshop Attempt

That's Aroen, one of my shyest cousins. But when he's comfortable, he can't stop talking. We're thirty-one (31) first cousins. Let's see if i can name them all: Saskia, Jonathan, Bram, Lennert, Jakob, Reuben, Laura, Benjamin, Isabel, Mechtilde, Freija, Edith, Domien, Joost, Jolien, Stein, Sanne, Enno, Yutta, Isis, Aroen, Babbete, Dorothe, Tobias, Ewout, Evert, Dries, Martijn, Naomi, Max, and of course - Bayani and Maya. 

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Anonymous said...

murag nabilin inyo spiritu. hhehehe