Monday, December 3, 2007

In Solitude


Ronald said...

nice picture, maya. where was this taken? made me miss antique. never gonna have that kind of view here in my office.

so, i just made it as my desktop wallpaper. he he he....

thank you.


almong2 said...

yes nice picture!! hello this is almong and i found you in the category of who intersted in sign language. and found many similar taste as mine..were you born in butan? me really like to visit there someday.--me from korea and now in new zealand
..bye maya

Anonymous said...

Hi May!
Mayad nga aga

Im glad to read your articles and browse your pictures.You already know that you are a good writer and let me inform that I'm an added fan :). That your articles have been published in national and local papers shows that you have the gift of writing. You are very articulate and have the knack of getting the attention of readers. Base nasubrahan ako ka dayaw pero tuod man mong hehehe! Hope someday you could compile your articles and publish a book.

For me, the most intriguing and interesting article is "Macho i love yous." The articles "overdosed and homecoming tales & religious blues" speak of your experiences. And for those who just met you, like me, those articles, in a way, are medium of knowing you.

More power and hope to read more of your writings!

God Bless!

Benjamin Solis: